Microblading on Dark Skin

Posted May 28, 2021 by Ayonga

Dark skin may make you feel like microblading is a bad idea since the skin is dark and the hair strokes are dark, to the contrary, if you can see dark eyebrows on dark skin, you can also see microbladed strokes after a procedure.

Though people with darker skin color have oilier skin, the microblading technique taught at BrowsPlus ensures that the effects of microblading still last for up to 3 years and you get the same effect as lighter skin colors.

There is no different skill used in microblading of dark skin, medium skin or fair skin, all the mentioned skin tones are microbladed with the same technique. The difference comes when choosing the correct color to use.

Our two-day Microblading trainings ensure that our trainees get to understand skin Color Theory. As one of the fundamentals of Microblading eyebrows, skin color theory ensures that our students understand all skin types and how to choose the right color for each of their clients.

Before any of our students offer microblading services, we ensure they understand skin color theory and are comfortable with using all the pigments and modifiers that are included in the free microblading kit they get after training. We also offer relevant consultative support after training to advice on any questions a graduate has before offering a service.