Hello! Welcome to BrowsPlus! BP is a women-led business that provides training and microblading services at an affordable cost. The founder is not only passionate about beauty but is a strong believer of giving back. Hence, BP was founded with service in mind. Not just the service of microblading but service to the community. That’s why we pride in our cost-effective prices which are intentionally designed to promote beauty and entrepreneurship for all. Whether it’s starting your journey of becoming your own boss, or having those perfect brows, BP is here to hold your hand, always putting quality ahead of quantity. We cherish our relationships with our clients and students and strive to provide individualized attention to each one of them, every step of the way.

We are centrally located at Salon Suites (Hwy 40/42) Garner, NC. Since our inception, we continue to grow and boast as one of the few Microblading training and service providers in the area.

About the Founder

Hello – I’m Mariamu, a microblading artist, professional trainer/educator, and owner of BrowsPlus (BP). I’m also a Public Health professional and an alumna of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Heels!), where I attained a Master’s degree in Global Public Health. I love everything beauty and very passionate about empowering and motivating others in, anyway I can. I deeply enjoy meeting new people and making new friends.

I have always attached everything I do to the greater good (very passionately), so it took me many years of thinking, planning and, at times, doubting to bring BP to life. Like many, the thought of starting something new brought some lingering fear that made me resist trying and for a long time, BP remained a dream that seemed so far-fetched. However, after taking the first bold step of obtaining my training in microblading, I got the courage and motivation to start the process of bringing the dream of owning a business to reality. The training was just the iceberg though and hard work was ahead!

Even though the idea of not knowing exactly where you’re going can be fearful, I realized that the ability to overcome that fear is what ignited a sense of self-confidence that propelled me. I have invested a great deal of time and resources into researching and learning about the ins and outs of the art of microblading as well as the business side of things, putting in many hours of practice and attending business trainings and seminars. However, there’s still more to learn since the art of microblading, as well as running a business continue to evolve. As I’ve gone through this process, one thing that has been clear is that if you can dream it, you can do it, and the harder I’ve worked, the more I’ve achieved and the greater I’ve felt using my skills and knowledge to empower others. I hope that BP will not only be an avenue for just outer beauty, but for lasting inner beauty for many. I am so excited that I can now tell this little story about BP and focus on helping others move their dreams to reality while building their own story.

The right time to take that bold step is NOW!!

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