Training Course Outline

  • A clear understanding of the Theory of Microblading and Microshading.
  • Knowledge of Brow Anatomy and Morphology
  • An understanding of the Skin Color Theory
  • Knowledge of maintaining proper Sanitation and Health
  • Knowledge of proper Client Documentation
  • Unique skill of achieving The Ideal Brow Shape
  • Information and guidance on Licensing Requirements and Regulations
  • Tips on Business and Marketing
  • Full Starter Kit (good for 15-20 clients)
  • Free “The Art of Microblading Manual”
  • Ability to perform a Complete Microblading and Microshaging Treatment
  • Free unlimited follow up support
  • Endless opportunities for SIX FIGURE INCOME

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    How long does the procedure take?

    The initial microblading appointment usually takes 2-3 hours. It starts with consults, where the artist measures and outlines the arches, and chooses a pigmented shade. Then, a numbing cream is applied and once it kicks in (30-45 minutes), it’s time for the actual needling.

    Is it painful?

    A topical anesthetic is used during the procedure, so there is no pain involved, but there may be a slightly uncomfortable sensation similar to pinching. Clients report that it’s no worse than tweezing your brows.

    How long does it take to heal?

    Brows will take about 4- 6 weeks until they reach their final look. But it only takes 2 weeks for scabbing process to complete. After 2 weeks you can return to normal routine and activities.

    How long will it take before I can have another procedure?

    For best results, an initial touch-up appointment should be booked 6-8 weeks after the initial one, where the artist adds more pigment if necessary. After that, we recommend yearly touch ups to keep the color fresh. It varies from client to client, but it can be 10 months to 2 years, depending on the client’s skin type and life style.

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